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Networked Software Access Control System

Networked Access Control system is a very scalable, flexible and user –friendly access control system that can monitor and control access to facilities with up to 8184 doors.

Networked Software Access control system

This Access Control System is suitable for medium-scale to large –scale installations

Supports up to 30,000 users and event history of up to 20,000 entries per controller

Easy and fast installation/configuration

Powerful and secure

Advanced Scalable Networked Access controller with onboard TCP/IP module. The system works with a complete server-client software management system enabling management of modular networked access control panels.

The management software is user-friendly, intuitive, reliable, and rich in functionality.

The software produces reports from acquired data, such as entry and exit times,location and time events.

Stand Alone Access Control System.

Standalone door system is robust, reliable and cost- efficient, they eliminate key management challenges and cost of replacing locks when a key gets lost.

A standalone access control solution can be used at one or multiple doors. These do however by the nature of being ‘standalone’ require the system administrator to attend each door location to add /delete users.

Stand Alone Access Control System

Standalone systems are generally split into PIN numeric keypads, proximity cards and biometric readers.

Standalone systems allow any authorized user access on a 24/7 basis, applying no time schedules to the access right.

Standalone systems provide no audit trail of who went where or when