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Single Pass Traffic Barrier

Automated Traffic Barriers

Barrier gate is durable, accurate, flexible and safe. It assembles with aluminum alloy octagonal boom with the Max. Length of 6m, with the open/close time from 1.5s,3s, and 6 seconds.

Designed with balance mechanism, which makes boom start slowly, run quickly & stop slowly.

Designed with low-speed aluminum-casing motor, integrated gearbox with low noise & quick heat-radiation Intelligent over- heat protection system for driving mechanism, to control motor’s
temperature and avoid damaging during frequent usage.

Manual control in case of no power.

Control Board in a Plastic box makes control board waterproof and dustproof.

All part is made by mold make the barrier gate accurate and stable.

70W turbine worm transmission deceleration induction motor: Drive Steady, Noise Lower, Structures Compact, can realize self-locking.